Tube Paris

Tube Paris for Pocket PC

Complete guide to the Paris Metro with built-in consultant

The Tube saga continues, and this time it's Paris' turn, another great city that is admired by all who visit it, and the fourth European city to construct a subway system. In 1900, the fist line was inaugurated and now Paris' system consists of more that 14 different lines including various branches, and all of them are included in Tube Paris.

A type of guide/consultant for your Pocket, Tube is a completely must-have tool for anyone travelling in one of the large cities supported by this program.

All the information featured in this application is based on the subway system itself, thus it comes as no surprise that an extremely detailed subway map is offered that is as clear as it is practical.

Some of the featured options include:

  • Complete system map with "find station" utility
  • The ability to automatically plan the quickest route to and from any station indicating required line changes and estimated journey time
  • Routes are written or displayed graphically using miniature animated films
  • Features detailed information about each station including connection to other transport services and tourist information

Really now, with Tube Paris on your side it's impossible to get lost, and not only that, but you will also be able to enjoy its travelling know-how.

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Tube Paris


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